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Apartment “ LE STALLE “ is located at ground floor. Sleeps 4 . 
One double
 bedroom with poster bed and second room with twin beds, kitchen, living/dining room. Bathroom with both shower and tub. Patio with pergola facing the garden.

Main bedroom with posterbed

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Roberto | Risposta 06.01.2014 19:34

For information about sale price and possible rentals please send a mail to robertoboyer@libero.it

Constance | Risposta 16.09.2013 21:56

Gorgeous property! We are interested in the price please, thankyou

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27.08 | 14:48

Do you have apartment for rent 5/9/15 to 12/9/15?
2 persons.

28.07 | 14:29

Hello do you have air conditioning at your farmhouses?

25.07 | 01:15

What would the cost be to rent the entire property for one to two weeks?

22.05 | 09:27

Contact me directly.

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