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5 Apartments to be rented individually or jointly .

Whine tasting, cooking classes , fishing, mountainbike ,

joga , meditation .......




The property is located in Tuscany , south of
Florence ( 25 miles ),
north of Arezzo ( 20 miles )
east of Siena( 25 miles ).

The highway A1  and the train station are 8km far.

Nearest airport is Peretola ( Florence ) 40 miles


The  property has 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and is located in the center of Tuscany“.
Molino Le Gualchiere “ is  a residential estate.
A collection of 3 small buildings in an old rural setllement of the 14th century, restructured in 5 charming apartments ( 900 square meters in total ) with a small farm ( 3,3 hectares ) with olive-trees and a small vineyard. 
It is ideal  for a group, a  family or friends willing to share the beauty of Tuscany in a very private environment.

Rent an apartment with us

3 Old Buidings in a very quiet surrounding : perfect to relax and enjoy Tuscany.

Rent the whole property , a small or big apartment for one or more weeks : experience our hospitality and the special athmosphere .

We still have values and stick to them.

We support a non-profit association and our prices are very low !!

See our reviews in Flipkey , Loro Ciuffenna

Contact me : Roberto



Description of the property

THE MILL is an amazing property in a beautiful and unspoiled countryside:

The location is superb, equidistant from Florence, Siena and Arezzo and the place itself is utterly beautiful, with vineyards, olives, a river at the end of the property; at the end of a small side road with no traffic , it is completely calm in its setting. 
The nearby charming small town of Loro Ciuffenna has excellent restaurants and coffee bars.

THE MILL is considered of historical relevance by since its oldest parts date back to the 14th century.

Originally its main activity was to mill olives, chestnuts and maize .The water was diverted from the Ciuffenna stream running along the property and stocked in a big stone-built millpond on the back of the main building and used when necessary to push horizontal paddle wheels under the main building .The turning force produced by the water on the paddles was transferred by a shaft to the runner stone, causing it to grind against a stationary stone of a similar size and shape.

It is possible to see in the nearby medieval village of Loro Ciuffenna a similar, smaller Molino still working .

Since mills used to stock oil and flours in big quantities, they were often attacked by robbers ; for this reason the oldest part of Molino is built like a fortress with deep stone walls and loopholes to allow the inhabitant to defend their belonging from attack of small gangs.

Molino has been bought in 1991 by the present owners and carefully restored with terracotta floor and ceiling tiles , wood beams and antique furniture, in order for the inhabitants to experience the feeling of living in a traditional Tuscan stone built farmhouse, but with all modern conveniences.
Swimming pool, Finnish Sauna and Mini-gym are also available.

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Rodger Cook | Risposta 27.08.2015 14:48

Do you have apartment for rent 5/9/15 to 12/9/15?
2 persons.

Marcia Lafraugh | Risposta 25.07.2014 01:15

What would the cost be to rent the entire property for one to two weeks?

Mary Love | Risposta 21.05.2014 17:54


My husband and I are celebrating our 30th year of marriage next year and are hoping to travel to Italy with our family to celebrate. Our times are flexible but ideally am hoping for May or June. I came across your villa while searching on Home Exc

Roberto Boyer 22.05.2014 09:26

Is it possible to rent one or more apartments . Contact me at robertoboyer@libero.it.

Jodie | Risposta 17.02.2014 12:51

How much is this property?

Roberto 22.05.2014 09:27

Contact me directly.

Rosanne | Risposta 07.01.2014 07:26

Ciao Roberto,
Could you please send info and prices for apartments for the 3 of us. We are arriving April 19th for 4 nights.

rosanne | Risposta 06.01.2014 02:30

We are interested in the price for 1 room, 3 adults (husband, wife, 20 yr old daughter), arriving April 19th for four nights.
Thank you,

Roberto 06.01.2014 19:37

Tks : we rent apartments not rooms .

Giacomo Duaier | Risposta 10.11.2013 20:29

Quanto costa!?

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27.08 | 14:48

Do you have apartment for rent 5/9/15 to 12/9/15?
2 persons.

28.07 | 14:29

Hello do you have air conditioning at your farmhouses?

25.07 | 01:15

What would the cost be to rent the entire property for one to two weeks?

22.05 | 09:27

Contact me directly.

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